Everything But You


A collaboration between Rachel Shaw and Mark Ludwig, recorded and mixed at prion pie early 2015

The EP is inspired by life in the 21st century, the digital age and descent into isolation despite the connectivity we now take for granted

All songs written and performed by Shaw and Ludwig.

Mixed by Mark Ludwig and Ged Croughan

The Radge


From the murky backwaters of Manchester 1994. Rumour has it The Radge drank in the same pub as The Fall, sold drugs to the Happy Mondays, rehearsed in the same shit hole as PJ Proby and recorded in the same studio as Yes. Unbelievable eh?

Sonic City 5


Founded by ‘Oblivion Bob’ Walker vocals and Roy ‘Maximum’ Taylor keyboards/electronics, Sonic City 5 evolved to include Chris ‘Warpdrive’ Willard on guitars and Dermott ‘Derminator’ Maclachlan on drums. Augmented by fomer Hawkwind alumni Nik Turner and Alan Davey, SC5 create ripples in the very fabric of time and space.



The band was formed by drummer Matt “Skitz” Sanders. Mat Silcock and Chris Hill were the two original guitarists, with bass player Jason Parker and singer James Ludbrook.

The band’s first demo, The Art of Destroying Life, appeared in 1992; the next year they released their first album, Do Not Spit. In 1994 Damaged toured with Cannibal Corpse. Silcock left Damaged in 1996, and around the same time, due to a dispute with label Black Hole Records, Damaged disbanded. Hill joined Melbourne band Discordia; Sanders toured Europe as drummer with Sadistik Exekution and played in Abramelin.

The split only lasted a short time, since the band was approached by US label Rotten Records and offered a five album deal. Reforming without Silcock, Damaged released Token Remedies Research and finished the year with a performance at the Metal For The Brain festival.[when?] Early the following year, the band toured Australia with Entombed but the reunion was almost cut short when Ludbrook was fired in the middle of a tour a few months later. Brendan Birge from the Melbourne death metal band Earth joined Damaged as Ludbrook’s replacement after a brief stint by Chris Wallace, but found the constant tensions within the group difficult and resigned in mid-1999. Parker also left and Damaged continued only as a recording project, with Sanders and Hill providing a track for the all-Australian double heavy metal CD Under the Southern Cross.

Late in 1999, former Brutal Truth singer Kevin Sharp joined Damaged. In 2000 the album Purified in Pain was released, featuring bass contributions by Terry Vainoras of Melbourne death metal band Order of Chaos. With Eddy Lacey of Melbourne thrash band The Wolves filling in as the group’s bass player, Damaged embarked on a national tour in December. Sharp’s relationship with the band ended after this and Damaged went into hiatus for some time. Hill remained active as a member of a band called Running With Scissors and Sanders recorded an album entitled Lords of Eternity with his black metal band, now named Hellspawn.

With Parker returning to the line-up and ex-Uncle Chunk singer Dave Saddington on vocals, Damaged began playing live again in mid-2003. A short national tour was followed by supporting Sepultura’s national tour; Damaged ended the year by headlining Metal for the Brain.

Damaged played its final performances in January 2004. Citing a serious health condition, Sanders was unable to continue. In March 2004 Hill confirmed that Damaged had ended playing live with Sanders, but may continue recording in the future.

Shortly after ending Damaged, Sanders joined a new hardcore band called Walk the Earth that featured Ludbrook and Superheist guitarist DW Norton. After an EP and a short spate of tours that included shows with Slipknot and Mudvayne, Ludbrook left and the band folded in mid-2005. The singer quickly announced plans to reform Damaged with Sanders; however, in early 2006 the pair announced their new band would instead be called Terrorust. Terrorust has since released a full-length album, Post Mortal Archives.



X is an Australian punk rock band, formed in Sydney in 1977 founded by the late Ian Rilen Steve Lucas, Ian Krahe and Steve Cafiero. The band has split and reformed several times. Most noted non-original member was Cathy Green (drums).
Their first album X-Aspirations (1979) redefined the Australian underground music scene. Their followup album At Home With You (1985) stayed in the top 20 Independent charts for 29 months. Both albums were produced by Lobby Loyde.
X also released three more LPs: X and More, Evil Rumours and X-Spurts. They also released EPs Home Is Where The Floor Is and I Love Rock and Roll.
Although X has had several members, its sound has been defined by two distinctive elements: the songwriting skills of Rilen and Lucas plus Rilen’s big bass sound and Steve Lucas’s slash and attack guitar. Drummer Cathy Green unique style also contributed to the bands over all stand alone status.
Rilen was also a founding member of bluesy hard rockers Rose Tattoo. During X’s first hiatus (1980–83), he formed the post punk outfit Sardine v, with his then wife, Stephanie Rilen.
As of 2004, Rilen had settled on a fairly stable line up of his current project, Ian Rilen & the Love Addicts, who included Cathy Green on bass. The band have also issued a CD, “Passion Boots & Bruises.”
Steve Lucas used Melbourne band White Cross as a backing band for two ‘solo’ projects under the banner of Double Cross and released two LPs,Double Cross and Bought And Sold. He also fronted Bigger Than Jesus, founded the Groody Frenzy as well as A.R.M. (with Chris Welsh and Mike Couvret), The Pubert Brown Fridge Occurrence as well Neon and Venom. Steve also released the solo album Bread and Water featuring cameos from Paul Kelly, Brett Kingman, Andrew Pendlebury and Chris Wilson.

Nicholas Costello


Nicholas Costello is a 23 year old solo artist based in Melbourne. Since the age of 17, Nicholas has been the songwriter and frontman for several local bands. In recent times, Nicholas decided that he wanted to pursue his creative calling alone. In January 2014, Nicholas released his debut solo EP ‘Definite Blue’ . The EP been described (in a recent review) as a ‘folk-rock dream’ which focusses predominately on ‘matters of the heart’. Nicholas will be releasing a follow-up EP later this year.

Russ Clark

Russ clark photo

I am a guitarist and songwriter based in Wagga Wagga in NSW, I have written over 400 songs. I have released an EP and a full album.
I am currently working on my 2nd album



Formed in Wagga Wagga in the early 1990s, and at one stage with ex-Misery singer Darren Goulding on vocals, Manticore were without doubt one of the most extreme speed metal bands in the country. With riffs played at blinding speed and maximum heaviness, Manticore became a favourite with metal audiences for the quality of their recorded output and the sheer intensity (and extreme rareness!) of their live performances. Integrating the Extreme is an essential release.
“Head On It” saw the band introduce a groove element to its music without compromising their all-conquering sound but the EP met with little support.
The band split up at the end of 1999.