Janana Beat

janana beat

Janana means madness in Hebrew/Arabic slang and pretty much sums up our unique sound. We play Middle eastern Rock and power funk – the kind of grooves that make your body move like a cobra in the middle of the Marrakech bazaar. Growing up with a Moroccan heritage together with the passion for heavy rock and power funk led Ronen, the founder and drummer of Janana Beat, to the fusion of both worlds. This is how Janana Beat was born.

G-Spot Tornado


G-Spot Tornado was a short-lived group that was formed in 2000. They played one show and recorded one demo, at RMIT University with Michael “Smasha” Pollard in September 2000. Members of the group went on to become comedians, working musicians, and bank managers.

Land of the Blind

land of the blind image

In late 2012 music industry entrepreneur and people smuggler Kumding Slobovic discovered a band playing in a nightclub owned by his cousin Habib. He said to them, “Make me your manager and I bring you big success and plenty cash on Top 40s Discochart with romanting hit songs.”

And as they say, the rest is bullshit.

Land of the Blind is now available for all kinds of functions, including weddings, corporate events, bah-mitzvahs, circumcisions, and beheadings.